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TransRockies Run/Walk/Crawl…

19th September 2008 | 3 Comments

OK – I’ve finally recovered from by cold. Now I’m ready to tackle this epic blog posting… Yes, sorry, it’s a bit of a long posting…so go put your kettle on or go grab a beer…you’ll be here a while! Pre-race build-up We arrived in Denver on Friday 22nd August at around 7pm – the [...]

Quick Update

1st September 2008 | 10 Comments

Well, we did it. Over 106 miles and 19,170 vertical feet of climbing (although we’re sure it was more than that – it certainly felt like it!) and we are done. We’ve got the t-shirts and the blisters to prove we completed the TransRockies Run. We’ve had a blast the whole way, solely due to [...]

We’re not alone

23rd August 2008 | 7 Comments

Well, we’ve made it to Buena Vista! We’ve met several other teams, all from the US or Canada so far, and it’s been great to share stories and experiences with other crazies like us rather than bore family, friends and colleagues! The journey to Colorado was pretty uneventful. The flight was a bit delayed and [...]

The Challenge Ahead

19th August 2008 | 5 Comments

Since all the information in this posting is on the TransRockies Run website this posting is really for those of you (i.e. my sister Am) who cannot be bothered to check the main TransRockies Run website I’ve also included the weather forecast for the start and end locations for each day. Although it’s looking good [...]

Week 28 Summary (11/08/2008 – 17/08/2008)

18th August 2008 | Closed

Weekly Totals:Exercise Time: 1hrs 47minsRunning: 2x, 16.43km (10.1 miles)Longest Run: 10.53km (6.5 miles) Calories:Expended: 2491Consumed: 2256 (Fat 30%, Carbs 52%, Protein 17%, Alcohol 1%) Weight: 86.0kgBody Fat(%): 18.0 HRrest: 56HRmax: 180 (estimated) This will be my last “Weekly Summary” posting – phew!! I will try and do a summary of the race week after our [...]

Week 27 Summary (04/08/2008 – 10/08/2008)

15th August 2008 | Closed

Weekly Totals:Exercise Time: 11hrs 25minsRunning: 5x, 100.00km (61.7 miles)Longest Run: 22.82km (half-marathon+) Calories:Expended: 3463Consumed: 2769 (Fat 28%, Carbs 54%, Protein 16%, Alcohol 2%) Weight: 86.0kgBody Fat(%): 18.0 HRrest: 56HRmax: 180 (estimated)


13th August 2008 | 5 Comments

Over the past few weeks Jo has confirmed just how much character she’s got. I’m pretty confident that only a serious injury or illness would stop Jo being able to complete the TransRockies Run – as she’s been through quite a baptism of pain recently. Jo skimmed over our 6 half-marathons – so I thought [...]

Six of the best!

7th August 2008 | 2 Comments

Bit of a misnomer the title of this posting as I don’t think they were 6 of our best runs but collectively they were the most challenging. Basically we’ve just completed 6 half marathons in 6 consecutive days – phew! We started last Saturday so at least the first couple were done at a reasonable [...]

Week 26 Summary (28/07/2008 – 03/08/2008)

6th August 2008 | Closed

Weekly Totals:Exercise Time: 13hrs 40minsRunning: 6x, 113.40km (70.0 miles)Longest Run: 22.11km (half-marathon+) Calories:Expended: 3608Consumed: 2556 (Fat 24%, Carbs 61%, Protein 15%, Alcohol 0%) Weight: 84.8kgBody Fat(%): 18.0 HRrest: 56HRmax: 180 (estimated)

Final push

1st August 2008 | 1 Comment

It’s been a good week and a half. Training has gone very well. Jo’s still got pain in her calf but sometimes it’s not so bad…and even when it is bad Jo manages to carry on running (I think it helps knowing what’s behind the cause of the pain). Last week I did about 65 [...]