It has been just over a year since Jo and I got back from travelling around the world. It doesn’t seem that long ago and yet the memories feel very very distant.
We pretty much landed on our feet as soon as we got back….worries about being able to pay our mortgage were eradicated very quickly; I got offered an IT contract within a week of being back.  Luck? Maybe – but Jo and I prefer to believe you get what you focus on.

Positive attitude leads to positive results – I think that’s probably one sentiment that got cemented during our travels.  Jo and I have always been pretty positive but now I think it’s on a higher level….the glass isn’t just half-full – it’s more than full enough thank you very much!

Maybe acquiring the knowledge that you can bounce back from a double redundancy has removed some of the “what if?” demons that can plague one’s mind.  Either way it doesn’t really matter – we know we’re extremely lucky and we work hard to stay lucky.

We aren’t the only lucky ones – to be honest the vast majority of people in developed countries like England are lucky.  My luck changed before I was born….my parents decided to give me an easier life by emigrating to England.  I guess that was what angered many hard working people during the London riots recently.  People complaining that they have no jobs, no opportunities, no youth centres, etc were just making excuses.  Education is free in our country – if you are willing to make the most of that considerable luxury then there are many opportunities and jobs out there.

Yes some people do have to work harder than others to get what they want – but that’s not a case of being disadvantaged.  Some people are more advantaged than others (maybe because their parents worked hard to put them in that position of advantage or they studied hard at school/college).  That’s a fact – get over it and work smart and hard.

Working harder for what you want is the norm around the world.  So most of those rioters making excuses for their despicable behaviour aren’t disadvantaged – they’re still better off than most people around the world.

Anyway – moving on….I promise to focus on more of the positives in life in future posts (but just needed to get that off my chest!!) ;)

Two years ago, pretty much to the day, we were boarding a flight to India, after spending a week there we would be heading to Nepal….to do our epic trek to Everest. In the coming weeks and months we’ll be doing posts that reflect back on those momentous days.  Better late than never, right!?  Count yourselves lucky – it’ll make for better reading this long afterwards….trust me, people tend to only remember the good bits….but at the time we were suffering….daily!

Now you get to read all about our adventures through rose-tinted glasses and think “ooh, I want to do that”….and then when you do….you’ll be cursing us ;)

 Talking of epic and suffering – today myself and my two brothers, Satpal and Jag will depart from Trafalgar Square in London for an epic bicycle ride to Barcelona. Satpal turned 50 earlier this year – this seemed like the right way to celebrate the milestone.  One thousand miles (give or take a few dozen) over 14 days via Mont Ventoux in France.  Hmm – what was wrong with just having some cake!!?    (We’re hoping we can take inspiration from Nelson’s Column to conquer the French (landscape)!! ;)    We leave Nelson’s Column at 3:30pm (probably 4pm considering Jag’s timekeeping!!) and head 95km south to Newhaven.  We catch a 10:30pm ferry to Dieppe in France….arriving at some ungodly hour (3:30am springs to mind).  I’m not looking forward to the lack of sleep – I get grumpy (yes really….so I wont blog about that!!).  I’m expecting to be considerably more cheerful after Saturday’s ride….I think!

I’ll endeavour to blog about our ride as we go – short sharp snippets via a mobile phone.  I’ll focus on the good stuff….so the posting will probably be very short!!
In other news….Jo’s getting heavily involved with volunteering for next year’s Olympics and I, yesterday, entered next year’s Comrades run (56 miles within a 12 hour time limit).  So there’s a lot going on that we hope to share with you all.  (Hence the reason I brought this blog back to life).

Apparently what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…right?

Catch up with you again soon….


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  • You go, CanDoSandhu! Looking forward to the updates. Make sure Jag looks where he’s going and that Satpal gets fed on a regular basis! Very proud of you all. Love you. xxx

    1 josandhu said this (September 2, 2011 at 12:02)