In Search Of The Rain

This is just a quick posting to let you all know that we’re on the road for the next week and a half, hence may not have internet access…just in case you email or comment (not that many of you seem to bother…boo hoo :( )

We’re off to Goa for a week.  The flight is on Thursday but we’re having to go to Chandigarh a few days early because the whole of the Punjab will be locked down when they bring the body of the murdered Guru to India, from Austria, on Wednesday.  We’re not looking forward to an extra air-conditionless night in Chandigarh!!!  The original curfew is over by the way…we’re hoping to get our travelling in before it kick-starts again!

We (especially me) are looking forward to Goa – assuming we get there (the monsoon may have come early this year and that usually spells travel chaos).  Steak and chips…there’s a portion in Goa with my name on it…and if I’m really lucky there will be a Jack Daniels to wash it down with.  Am I building myself up for a major let down?  Probably, but there is always hope!

After Goa my brother, Jag, arrives (which incidentally means another extra night or two in Chandigarh without the air-con) but he’s worth it….I think!   It’ll be nice to have a new face around…especially since he’s bringing lots of “goodies” for us.

That’s about it….I did say it would be short and sweet.

See you all when we see you!

Sat & Jo

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