It’s difficult to sleep…

It’s difficult to sleep when you’re angry.

The power keeps going.  Most nights we don’t have power.  On Sunday night the power came back but was not full power (!) – it was only 180 volts (instead of the 240 volts it is supposed to be)…hence it was insufficient to drive the air-conditioning unit in our bedroom.  Last night the power went an hour after we went to sleep, even with the power the AC was struggling to get the temperature in the bedroom down below 32C (90F) but once the power goes, you can feel the temperature creeping up….now I know how a lobster feels!  As it gets hotter, while I try to sleep, I just cannot help thinking about the men in charge of the power grid….and it makes me angry.  The temperature is not much hotter than the unseasonal hot weather we had in April but the power worked fine back then – my father, it appears, was correct (there’s always a first time!) when he said it would all change after the election.  It now appears that the power supply was only consistent because someone was worried about being re-elected, hence made sure all the service providers did their job – now that the political process is over no-one cares.

We have a generator, but it is designed to switch off as soon as power comes back…starting it up is a manual process, hence if the power flicks on and then off, then effectively it switches the generator off.  And that is precisely what the power has been doing around here for the past week – bouncing around like Tigger from Winnie The Pooh.

Also the power has been sending a few surges down the power lines – we’ve blown quite a few fuses lately.  Indian plugs aren’t designed to have fuses but my father keeps insisting on using UK (fused) plugs….his new pastime is “changing the blown fuses”!!

Apparently a whole (neighbouring) village had it’s entire electrics fried the other day when instead of 240 volts they had 500 volts supplied to their appliances!!!

This highlights the two “I”s in India…incompetence and ineptitude.  The incompetence of the power company workers, because I am certain they are aware of the problems but are too busy sitting around in their air-conditioned offices to bother getting these issues fixed in a timely manner, and the ineptitude of the people for accepting it….personally I think the power issues are worth rioting over, rather than the death of a man in Austria.  We are lucky, we have air-conditioning and a generator for backup….I’d hate to think how the people less well off are managing.  They rely heavily on the power to run their pumps to get water out of the ground (the only source of water around here) – so no power also means no water.

People are suffering, maybe even dying but no-one does anything – they simply accept it….actually they like doing something…they like complaining (a bit like I’m doing at the moment).

Complaining is a national pastime around here.

It’s getting hotter and hotter….normally by now nature’s self-regulator kicks in and we have some rain, but the skies are clear blue…..not a sign of a cloud to be seen anywhere.  On the news today they said the monsoon is delayed by 10 days in many parts of India – people need this water now.  Today we hit a record – this picture is for real…in the sun!!!!!

54 Celsius (130 Fahrenheit)

54 Celsius (130 Fahrenheit)

In case you don’t know what you’re looking at – that is 54 CELSIUS (130 FAHRENHEIT) in the sun!!!!!!!  (It actually got a little hotter later – going up to 54.7 Celsius!!)

Incidently the world record is about 51C in the shade…think we’re hitting 47/48C in the shade on a regular basis.  I’m always amazed when we see the world weather forecasts on CNN or BBC World – Delhi is consistently the hottest place on earth.  It’s only recently that the Middle-East has started to match it.  It wasn’t always like this – global warming, pollution and deforestation have taken their toll on the Indian climate.

A good friend of ours, Alan (he’s a Kiwi but we won’t hold that against him!!!), recently sent us this link…it’s an article on how India wants to push the use of solar power.  India is already apparently a world leader in the use of solar power – all the hot water around here is solar heated (though in fairness even the cold water tank’s water is hot at the moment!).  Anyway – solar power is definitely the way to go around here…I’m hoping to do some research on the matter and see if  we can get a grant for installation at my parent’s farm.

One important fact highlighted by the above document is that Indian land receives around 4 to 7 kWh of power per square metre.  Wow – that’s incredible…this house uses about 6 kWh at the most.

Moving onto something completely different…I’ve made passing comment about the corruption of the English language around here.  Here’s an example which should raise an eyebrow…
A whole different meaning!

A whole different meaning!

At least they still spell “welcome” as “wel come” (yes they do use the space!)….at least this makes me a little more relaxed about the Americans spelling colour without the ‘u’ !! ;)



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