Round the World in more than 80 days

I know we’re long overdue an update on our blog so assuming we still have some readers out there, then this is just a quick one to bring you upto speed on what’s been going on over the last few months.

We spent our final couple of weeks at the farm in India at the beginning of September. The monsoon was still ongoing and everything was lush and green and wet! Our long-awaited trip to Nepal got off to a tricky start as our flight to Kathmandu was cancelled when we arrived at the airport. Soon got that sorted and we were put on another flight the same afternoon.

Our month in Nepal was a mixed bag of experiences and I wouldn’t be able to do them all justice in this short post so we’ll do that another time. We came back to the UK towards the end of October just in time for Gill & Andy’s wedding on Hallowe’en. Both the bride and groom looked stunning and everyone had a fabulous day, even the weather was perfect for the photos afterwards. Will add some of our own photos here at some point.

So, what’s next? I hear you ask. Well, we finally get to do the round the world trip which we’ve been planning. We leave in 10 day’s time for Bangkok and plan to travel around South East Asia, Australasia and North America for the next 8 months. Back just in time for another great UK summer!!!

As well as getting organised to go travelling, the last couple of weeks have been spent fine-tuning the synopsis and first 3 chapters of Sat’s book so that he can send it off to editors/publishers before we leave. It can be a lengthy review process so it’ll be good to get the ball rolling. Watch this space…

So, that’s about it for now. We’ll post our full itinerary in the coming days and hopefully we’ll be back in the swing of blogging very soon.

Jo & Sat

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