This cannot be India!!!

This is just a quick posting to let you all know we’re alive and well and that we haven’t falled off the world…

We’ve been in Ladakh for just over a week and we love the place. The region (in the north of India) is nothing like the rest of India…it is relaxed, peaceful, clean and beautiful.

The mountains around Leh (capital of Ladakh) are huge, several sticking their heads up beyond the 6000 metre mark.

Leh is at 3500 metres, so it took some getting used to…the air is pretty thin and very dry.

We haven’t done much trekking as yet, just getting used to the altitude and also getting into the Buddist mentality…nice and slow!!!

Tomorrow we’re off on a four day trek – it’s what they call a baby-trek around these parts. It’s pretty easy as it’s around many villages and we’re able to trek from village to village staying at guesthouses (so no hard core camping as yet). After that we’ll see which way the winds blowing…

The weather here is great too – very cold at night (hence sleeping great) and a blazing hot sun during the day.

Taken lots of pictures but since the wireless broadband card isn’t working here – as there’s very poor mobile phone reception around there – so unable to upload them yet.

You’ll have to wait another 3 weeks before you see the pictures – but take my word for it, it’s awesome!


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  • Hello there, am I in the right place? Blimey, I leave your blog for a couple of weeks to do up the B&B and I come back to find words all over the place! I’m really pleased you’re enjoying Ladakh! I’ve just looked on Google images, the place looks amazing! It’s hot over here in the Rockies, but still only touching 30C, I’m not sure I could cope with 50C+!

    Catch you soon.


    1 JasonLiversidge said this (July 13, 2009 at 06:03)